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3 Reasons to Consider Yellow Jacket Elimination in Danvers, MA

May 18, 2016

Not to be confused with bees, who also wear a yellow and black jacket, you’ll want to seriously consider yellow jacket elimination in Danvers, MA this summer. Yellow jackets are 10 to 15mm in length and display a variety of yellow and black coloring. With wings as long as their body, yellow jackets are wasps that live in colonies of thousands. A yellow jacket nest in your home is too risky to blow off. Dozens of people are killed by these pesky wasps each year. Here are three good reasons to get rid of them right away:

  1. Yellow jackets create an annoyance when they gather near garbage cans, food (such as picnics) and in areas of food decay (like compost heaps). Look for colonies of yellow jackets near trees, under porches and around steps leading to your deck and near discarded sugary foods and discarded, decaying fruit.
  2. A yellow jacket will give you a sting (or several stings) you won’t soon forget. They vehemently defend their colonies and their stings can be decidedly painful. Each wasp can deliver multiple stings as well, making them especially dangerous and painful. Some people have been shown to have allergic reaction to yellow jacket stings.
  3. Pest-free outdoor fun this summer is the best reason to eliminate yellow jacket wasps from your home, yard, deck or patio. Your family, friends and guests can enjoy carefree fun in the sun without the worry of buzzing wasps or itching stings.

Ridding your home and garden of yellow jackets can be time-consuming and potentially painful if you attempt to do it on your own. You can make infestation and elimination as easy as a phone call by calling us today. You’ll also want to call our professional exterminators to perform this task if you suffer from allergies to the yellow jacket – or if you’re unsure of an allergy to them. We’ll provide fast, efficient, affordable yellow jacket elimination in Danvers, MA.

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