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Why You Need a Termite Inspection in Peabody

termite damage
February 20, 2014

Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Termite Inspection in Your Home


Picture this: You are looking at buying your dream home, everything about it is perfect. Brand new kitchen, pristine bathrooms, big bedrooms, etc. On the surface everything is great, but you do not know about the underlying termite infestation behind the walls, chewing away at the home’s structure.

So what do you do in this situation? Very simple, call and get a termite inspection. Most home inspectors can detect signs of termites, but they are limited in what they can do. The best idea is to get a professional termite inspector so they can properly assess the problem and do what is necessary to fix it.

Benefits of a Termite Inspection

  • Prevention: By finding a termite problem you could potentially save thousands of dollars in damages caused by these pests. They can chew away at your beams and structural posts which can be devastating if nothing is done right away.
  • Loans: Certain loans are very strict on termite inspection. They want to know for sure if the home you want to get a loan for has a termite problem, which can determine whether or not you can purchase your dream home.
  • Peace of mind: By getting a termite inspection you know your home is safe and, if there is a problem, a termite professional will be able to handle it and take all the measures necessary to ensure there are no termites left in your home.


There is an old New England saying: “A home has, has had, or will have termites.” That just goes to show how prevalent they really are. It never hurts to get your home checked.

If you need a termite inspection do not hesitate to call Richie the Bug Man today. With years of experience and expertise your home will be safe from termites and you can enjoy your new home with a peace of mind!

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