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Why We Use Hollow Point Insecticide for Bed Bugs

September 10, 2014

Bed bugs tend to thrive in the warmer months, but during cold spells they can go for longer without food.  In fact, some bed bugs can survive without eating for 100 to 300 days depending on temperature!  This means that, though you might not be getting bitten as often, your home will still have an infestation problem if you don’t get your problem solved. So how do you eradicate bed bugs once and for all?

There are two main types of extermination process: insecticide spraying and direct injection.  When people hear “insecticide,” a few issues come to mind: first of all, is that chemical safe for my home?  Pesticides are generally quite toxic, and most of them you wouldn’t want brought to the place where your family eats, sleeps, and goes about the day.  The second is a more recent concern: is this product environmentally friendly?  Some insecticides contribute to air pollution and ultimately wind up as harmful greenhouse gases.  At Bozarjian, we don’t want to contribute that anything that might make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.   That’s why we always rely on Hollow Point insecticide for residential bed bug extermination.

Hollow Point insecticide is the safe and all-natural alternative to insecticides that create a poisonous atmosphere. It can be used applied through any of the common spray methods: cold fog units, aerosol, pump sprayers, and spray bottles.  It is a water based solution that eliminates oil with a 95% water base for a truly “Green” formula.

Some of the Hollow Point Credentials Include:

  • EPA Exempt– The growing environmental movement in the U.S. and world-wide has rendered many insecticide brands obsolete since they do not meet the new eco-friendly standards.
  • Green FDA (GRAS)– GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe, a description reserved for “Green,” environmentally conscientious products.
  • 100% Field Tested– Hollow Point is not an experimental formula.  It has been proven to work and to work well at exterminating bed bug colonies.

We use Hollow Point because it gets the job done and it doesn’t have the adverse side effects.  No nonsense, and no more bed bugs.  Call Richie the Bug Man to for an exterminator that cares about the environment and the safety of your household.  Contact us today to get rid of your bed bug problem before the cold North Shore winter, so you’ll have a healthy home without bed bugs once and for all.

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