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Top 3 Signs You Have Mice In Your Home

January 30, 2014

While often depicted as cute little creatures, having mice as an unwanted house guest can be more than just a minor nuisance. Mice like to chew on things, and when they turn their attention to your food, furniture, and electrical wiring, you’ve got problems. They can also carry disease and can even trigger asthma attacks! Who knew such a little critter could cause such big problems.

Luckily, you have Richie “The Bugman” Bozarjian to help out with all of your pest control problems. The first step in fixing your mice problem is discovering that their actually around, look for these signs:

Droppings: Small black pellets with pointed ends are a clear sign of a mice infestation. Look for areas normally hidden from view, such as cupboards or underneath furniture. If you find this in areas where there is food, be sure to dispose of it and the food immediately. Food contaminated by mice can be toxic.

Nests: While they’ll typically be hidden from sight, nests are another clear sign that you have mice. Mice like to build their nests from materials that are soft, warm, and fuzzy such as fabric, paper, and furniture stuffing. They’ve also been known to use dry grass, small twigs, and other materials from the outdoors. Again, mice like to hide in unseen areas, so focus your search in areas such as cabinets, the garage, and crawl spaces within the home.

Mice: While seeing a mouse might seem like a pretty obvious sign of an infestation, it can sometimes be overlooked. Some people get freaked out when they see a mouse scamper across their floor, and are glad to see it go back to it’s hiding place. When there is one, there is often more. If you notice any mice in your home call Richie today.

There are lots of do it yourself methods to get rid of mice, and they’re all messy business. Even with the most common traps, you’re not guaranteed to get all of your little visitors. It’s better to just leave it to the professionals to deliver a total pest control solution. Call Richie today!

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