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The Dangers of Rat Infestation in Boston

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November 6, 2015

The coldest months in the North Shore are coming upon us and while you may think not a creature is stirring in your house, rat infestation in Boston is a real possibility. As the temperatures sink well below zero, it’s important to keep the warm air in and those nasty critters out. Rats will be looking for warm, dark places to live during the winter and if your home is unkempt, it can lead your living space becoming a rat’s seasonal residence.  While they may be small and furry, even just one rat can bring plenty of chaos to your otherwise peaceful living environment.

Richie the Bug Man is here to keep rat infestation in Boston from becoming your biggest worry this season. We know just how the scurrying of a single rat can send homeowners into a panic, which is why Richie the Bug Man is here to keep those fears down to a minimum. Richie can help you identify the point of entry where rats are finding it easier to enter your home and develop a method of extermination to keep them out. When you’ve got rats, you can count on Richie to save the day!

Rat Infestation in Boston: What Danger Does It Possess?

When the winds are howling and the snow is falling, you’ll strive to live as comfortably in your home as possible. Here are some of the troubles you’ll when rats begin to take over your home:

  • Unsanitary Living Conditions: If your home is already messy, then rats can make it even worse. Rats can contaminate your home with their urine and feces, making it incredibly unsanitary to live in your home Indoor air quality will suffer with rats leaving waste in all areas of your home. The health of pets and small children are particularly at risk, so it’s best to take care of rat infestation in Boston.
  • Damaged Personal Belongings: Chewing is a rat’s favorite activity and they will certainly apply to several of your favorite personal belongings if you allow them to run wild over your home. Rats can chew through wood, shoes, clothing, and of course, your food supply. Don’t allow your favorite personal belongings to become a rat’s favorite chew thing!
  • Strength in Numbers: Once rats have found a nice warm home to dwell in, they’ll begin to grow in number. They generally reside in your home’s darkest areas like attics, basements, and holes in the walls. This can only make it even harder to find them. Before you know it, a large population of mice are scurrying throughout your entire home!

If you want to avoid rat infestation in Boston, then please call Richie the Bug Man today and keep those critters out!

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