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Termite Removal In Swampscott, MA

August 29, 2012

Termites are nasty little creatures that can wreak levels of havoc on your home that you might never have thought possible from insects of such small size. Due to their wood-eating habits, termites can cause great damage to your home’s structures and furniture. Any unprotected wooden structure can be quickly and easily destroyed by a colony of termites. If you ever encounter a problem with termites in your home or apartment, it would be wise to have them professionally exterminated.

Termite Infestation In Swampscott, MA

Termites are insects that typically live beneath the soil. When you see them above ground, it is because they are swarming and the colony is healthy. These insects swarm in order to branch off and attempt to form a brand new colony.

Termite Removal System In Swampscott, MA

The first step in removing termites from your property is to trench the area around your home. These trenches are then injected with a Termidor insecticide chemical. In the ten years since its creation, Boston-based exterminator Richie the Bugman has never seen a reoccurrence of termites after applying the Termidor product. What makes this product so effective is how the termites do no ever sense its presence. They will contract the poison and spread it to other termites in areas you may not know of. In a short five-week time period, the entire termite population at your home will be exterminated. In the past, old products would scare off the termites. Once the insects realized that a chemical had been deployed, they would retreat and simply return when the product had worn off. With Termidor, this is no longer a problem.

Who To Call For Termite Removal In Swampscott, MA

If you are experiencing problems with termite infestation in your home or apartment, do not hesitate to call Richie the Bugman at your earliest convenience. Richie has been in the extermination business for more than two decades and proudly provides inexpensive service to the entire Greater Boston/ North Shore area. Richie would be delighted to take care of your termite problem in a quick and professional manner.

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