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Termite Prevention- North Shore and Boston

termite damage
August 8, 2014

Richie’s Tips to Prevent Termites

A termite infestation is one of the worst kinds of pest problems, especially for the North Shore Area.  Since it rains so frequently, moisture levels in your wood is high, which makes termite damage even more destructive.  Many people believe that killing a colony queen is enough to handle a termite problem, but the reality is that termite colonies can have more than one queen, and the secondary queens will simply take over upon removal of the first.  This means tough fixes and big headaches!

Here at Bozarjian Pest Control, we have complete confidence in our ability to eliminate your problem, regardless of whether the colony is a few hundred to a few million strong.  Under the guidance of Richie the Bug Man, we’ll get your home back in ship-shape fast.  Still, the best possible cure for termite infestation is preemptive prevention: get rid of termites before they even have a chance to get in with some of Richie’s termite-prevention tips:

  • Seal Cracks in Your Foundation:  Termites build nests in stone crevices.  Simply sealing your foundation can do wonders in dissuading a termite invasion.
  • Move Your Firewood: When termites are doing damage to your house, that’s frequently the final stage of a multiple step invasion.  Termites start at firewood piles, backyard shacks, and other weather-exposed wood deposits before expanding to your house, so nip the infestations in the bud by covering and storing your firewood away from your home.
  • Replace Water Damaged Wood: A termite loves nothing more than to snack on wet, rotting wood in your home.  Check your basement and exterior areas for damp wood that is exposed or decaying and replace it with new, then find the source of the leak.

Call Bozarjian Pest Control today to have Richie the Bug man bring his expert know-how straight to you.  We’ve been providing the best pest control in the Boston area since 1988, and we’re the official service provider for North Shore Community Housing Authority.  Trust the safe, reliable, and inexpensive methods of Richie the Bug Man today!

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