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October 11, 2019

What is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

In recent months, the country has seen a surge of confirmed cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (Triple E, EEE). There are usually a few cases of the disease every year reported on the East and Gulf Coast. However, we're currently seeing the biggest outbreak of the disease since 1956. This disease kills a third of those it infects and can leave survivors with mild to severe brain damage. At Boz Pest Control, we can tell you what you need to ... Read More
May 31, 2019

How to Prevent Summer Pests in Your Home

As summer approaches, all sorts of insects will be making a reappearance. While there are nicer ones like butterflies and ladybugs, there are also less pleasant ones you'll have to deal with. Mosquitoes, namely females, will suck your blood and leave behind itchy welts. Ants sneak into your home in search of food, while subspecies bring their own problems. Bees and similar bugs can build nests on your property and viciously defend it from you. Finally, bed bugs can infest ... Read More
January 15, 2019

What Happens to Mosquitoes in the Winter?

The frigid winter temperatures here in Lynn, MA may be unbearable at times, but hey - at least it keeps those pesky mosquitoes away! Though it's likely that you've noticed the absence of these winged pests, you may not know where they are at the moment. It's a common misconception that the winter weather kills them off - but if they're not dying, where do they go? Here's some information about what mosquitoes do during the winter, as well as preventing ... Read More