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Why Summer is Cockroach Season in Massachusetts

summer cockroach in Massachuestts in Boz Pest Control
August 16, 2019

Summer is in full swing in Massachusetts, and that means it’s time to enjoy the hot weather! However, it turns out the average cockroach also enjoys the Massachusetts summer. Some might wonder what is it about cockroaches that make them more active in the summer. The simplest answer involves two factors: their mating cycle and their intolerance of the cold.

Summer loving and cockroach chills in Massachusetts


While cockroaches don’t own calendars, they’re able to tell the season via moisture in the air. Hotter months generally have more moisture, which is how they tell when it’s summer. When summer comes around, cockroaches become most active as they look for food, water, shelter, and mates. However, when winter rolls around, cockroaches will find shelter and spend most of the winter in hiding. This is why you’ll often see cockroaches our more often in the summer. During the winter, you might have a cockroach infestation and not notice it as they hide in the cold.

As for their cold intolerance, this mainly relates to the types of cockroaches you find in America. Two of the most common breeds aren’t fans of the cold. The German cockroach, which is about half an inch long, are highly reliant on temperate areas for their survival. Meanwhile, the American cockroach, which is twice as big (although that’s not saying much,) also has trouble dealing with the cold. While it’s always good to keep your kitchen clean, you’ll want to be more diligent about cleaning during the summer.

However, there is a special type of cockroach Massachusetts residents have to worry about. Near the end of 2013, New York City residents reported a new type of cockroach in their city. The Japanese cockroach (Periplaneta japonica) is unique in that it’s highly tolerant of snow and the cold, even while still growing. These cockroaches are the same size as the German cockroaches, are shiny black to blackish-brown, and are known to be strong fliers. If you find these cockroaches around, call us so we can quickly deal with these invasive pests.


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