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Subterranean Termites


The size of these well-known termites depends on its hierarchy. The subterranean worker termites measure about one-eighth to three-eighths of an inch. Soldiers are also similar in size, however, have larger heads with strong mandibles. Supplementary and primary reproductive ones measure about 1 inch in length, however.

subterranean termite colony.


Subterranean termites vary in color based on its caste. Workers tend to be cream-colored or pale while soldiers also embody this light complexion yet their heads stay brown. Supplementary reproductive types are similar in color as well, however primary reproductives are brown or black.

Habits and Behavior

Subterranean workers, soldiers, and swarmers each have specific jobs within their colony, and each is produced with a unique skill that helps them complete their jobs. Some of these subterranean termites have eyes in fact and some don’t. Separating them from their counterparts, drywood termites, which are in fact all blind. Workers of Subterranean termites tend to be small and opaque and can separate wood or other cellulose from its source. Workers live in dark tunnels either below or above ground. They do not have eyes and do not need them, however, they can still tell the difference between light or dark. Light means danger to them, so they will return to the dark as fast as possible. As subterranean colonies grow, supplementary termite queens lay eggs and continue to increase the colony size. Swarmers develop when the colony is three to five years old. Then they move on to build their own colonies. These subterranean termites are the only ones with eyes and are much more developed since their duty is to build mud tunnels and leave their dark nests. And lastly, as their name states, subterranean termites live several feet below ground along with their colonies.

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