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Spider Extermination in Beverly MA: 4 Prevention Tips for Homeowners

December 31, 2015

If you don’t want any uninvited creepy-crawly guests around your home this spring, then read our prevention tips for spider extermination in Beverly.

Prevention Tips for Spider Extermination in Beverly

Even though many people know spiders are useful, since they eat insects and other bugs, most of us don’t want them in our homes. These four tips will help you keep them out:

  1. Seal all cracks and holes around doorways and windows. Spiders generally enter the home through these small openings. Take a weekend to go through your home and fill in all cracks and gaps.
  2. Make sure door and window screens fit properly. Screens are critical to keeping spiders out during the summer. However, oftentimes, screens get warped over time, or they get holes in them due to wear and tear. Make sure all screens fit tightly and the material is intact.
  3. Keep your home free of dust and dirt. Dust and dirt accumulate and attract bugs, which in turn attract spiders. By cleaning your home thoroughly once a week, you’ll minimize the chances of bugs and spiders entering the home.
  4. Remove spiders and cobwebs as soon as you see them. Despite these precautions, a spider is sure to sneak in at some point. Vacuum up the web and remove the spider so it won’t have the opportunity to reproduce inside your home.

What to Do If You Have a Spider Infestation

Of course, sometimes you can still get a spider infestation despite your best efforts, in your attic or basement, for example. If the creepy crawlies are everywhere, then you absolutely need to call a professional pest control service like Boz Pest Control. We’ll determine what kind of spiders they are and explain to you what needs to be done in order to evict these unwanted tenants. We’ll use a combination of insecticide spray and glue traps to remove them, then help you establish a home vacuuming regimen to ensure the critters don’t come back.

So don’t hesitate: call Boz Pest Control today!

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