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Roach Infestation in Beverly: 3 Things in Your Home That Attract Roaches

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December 23, 2015

The holidays are often associated with plenty of food and while that may whet your appetite, you also need to take into consideration leftovers will only increase the risk of roach infestation in Beverly. As we advance into the coldest months of the year, roaches will be looking to go anywhere with warmth, filth, and food.  And your home may be their target! Your home may transform from a holiday

If you want to eliminate the threat of roach infestation in Beverly before the New Year begins, then pick up the phone and call Boz Pest Control. Richie the Bug Man is always ready to help you get rid of roaches and make sure your home stays happy and sanitary into the New Year and beyond! Our extermination services include full home inspections, entry point identification, and the application of bait gel in strategic spots in your home!

What Can Attract Roaches to Your Home?

Nothing will rumble the stomachs of roaches more than a home filled with food and other substances they can eat. Take a look at the following to see if your home is currently filled any of these things:

  1. Paper Products: Is your home littered with paper cups and plates? Then it may be the perfect opportunity for roaches to infiltrate. Roaches will generally tend to flock toward paper products including cardboard, paper scraps, and book bindings. Though your home may be filled with scraps of gift wrap this holiday season, it’s best to clean up quickly to keep roaches away. They may even begin eating up your favorite book!
  2. Leftover Foods: Sure, the holidays are known for starchy foods, but it’s important to store them away so roaches won’t be able to get a bite. Roaches are attracted to foods with sugar, grease, meat, and cheese. They’ll also eat any decaying food, so make sure to check your fridge food that’s past its expiration date. Even though roaches can go months without eating, they‘ll eat any food with nutritional value.
  3. Garbage/Compost: Roaches are often attracted to stronger smells, which makes your garbage one of the main sources of attraction. If you go without changing your garbage for a longer period of time, the more likely roaches will filter into your home looking for any morsel of food or grease they can muster.

If you think your home has a pest problem, call up Boz Best Control and we’ll reduce your home’s risk of roach infestation in Beverly!

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