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A Quick Primer on Common Summer Pests

common summer pests in Massachusetts by Boz Pest Control
June 28, 2019

The arrival of the summer season brings more than trips to the beach and ice cream. Insects of all kinds like to make their homes in your home, and why wouldn’t they. Your house has plenty of food, small nooks for living, and protection from summer storms. However, you likely don’t want these pests in your home. Let Boz Pest Control teach you about some of the more common summer pests you can expect to encounter.



Ants of all types are on the hunt for food, and they’re very good at getting into places you’d rather they not enter. When they run off with your food, they leave behind an invisible trail of pheromones. This trail helps other ants find their way into your home to steal even more of your food. As well as your classic ants, there are other species that have their own problems. Pharaoh ants have a reputation for spreading disease, and southern states have fire ants. These ants are known for stinging people, which is very painful and leaves behind a swollen bump.



Everybody knows what these are, and an almost equal amount hate them. While male mosquitoes feed off of nectar and sugar, the females like to drink blood. When they drink your blood, they leave behind a “present” in the form of an itchy bump on your skin. What isn’t obnoxious, however, is their reputation for carrying various diseases. One of them, malaria, is only a problem if you travel outside of North America or Europe. The West Nile Virus is a different story. It’s not very common, but the 2012 West Nile Virus outbreak in Texas brought the disease to the front of our minds.


Bees and other stinging bugs

We talked earlier about how to tell the difference between these kinds of bugs. It’s definitely worth knowing about, as some bees can be more aggressive than others. If you’re lucky, you might only have to deal with bumblebees, which are fairly passive. On the other end of the scale are hornets. They’re more aggressive towards defending their nests, have more painful stings, and can incite others to swarm by exuding a pheromone. When dealing with bees, make sure you or anyone else around aren’t allergic to bee stings. Anaphylactic shock is a serious medical condition.



Spiders are eight-legged arachnids that like to enter your house and spin webs in unused parts of your house. While they aren’t generally dangerous, many people don’t like having spiders in their home. Arachnophobia aside, spiders tend to be unappealing for many people. In addition, their webs can be gross and are often seen as a sign of negligence towards cleaning. If you encounter a black widow, their bites can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. If you want to know more about the kinds of spiders in Massachusetts, read our previous article.


What makes Boz Pest Control an expert on common summer pests?

Since 1988, Boz Pest Control has been keeping Massachusetts homes pest-free and educating their owners on dealing with pests. Owner “Richie the Bug Man” Bozarjian specializes in treating a variety of pests such as bees, ants, rodents, and bed bugs. We’re the trusted pest control provider for several housing authorities on Boston’s North Shore. If you need help with any sort of pest, call the experts at Boz Pest Control!

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