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How to Prevent Summer Pests in Your Home

summer pests in Massachusetts from Boz Pest Control
May 31, 2019

As summer approaches, all sorts of insects will be making a reappearance. While there are nicer ones like butterflies and ladybugs, there are also less pleasant ones you’ll have to deal with. Mosquitoes, namely females, will suck your blood and leave behind itchy welts. Ants sneak into your home in search of food, while subspecies bring their own problems. Bees and similar bugs can build nests on your property and viciously defend it from you. Finally, bed bugs can infest your bedroom and replace a good night’s sleep with painful, itchy bites. Luckily, Boz Pest Control can give you some useful hints to keep these summer pests out of your home.



Depending on where you live, there’ll be different types of ants that may cause problems for your home. The most common ants will find ways into your home in order to find food. As they get into your house, they’ll leave an invisible pheromone trail to lead future ants along the same path. As for other species, yellow/amber-colored pharaoh ants are known for spreading disease, and southern states have to deal with fire ants, which are known for their painful stings. If you’re fastidious about cleaning up stray food, you can reduce your home’s chances of attracting ants. It’s also a good idea to rinse out food containers before throwing them away, especially cans. In addition, make sure your windows and doors don’t have any cracks around them. Finally, keep your gutters and downspouts clean while making sure plants don’t grow too close to your home’s foundation.



Everyone knows them, and just about everyone hates them. Female mosquitoes land on you, steal a bit of your blood and fly away, but not before leaving behind an obnoxiously itchy bump. Even more worrying is their reputation for carrying diseases. While malaria isn’t a big problem in the United States, there are some cases of the West Nile Virus reported every year. After the 2012 West Nile Virus scare, people have become more concerned about protecting their homes from mosquitoes. In general, you’ll want to put on EPA-approved insect repellant when you head out. If you’re going out at dawn or dusk, wear long sleeves and pants, as that’s when mosquitoes are most active. In addition, if there’s any standing water around your home, clean it up so mosquitoes don’t use it for breeding. Finally, make sure your home’s screens fit tightly and don’t have any holes.


Bees and other stinging bugs

We talked earlier about how to tell the difference between these kinds of bugs. However, they all share something in common: they build nests on your property and sting. Because people can have severe allergies to bee stings, it’s very important to keep bees away from your property. Even if you think you can get rid of a nest yourself, you should call us for backup. We can help provide professional help and identify the type of bees. You’ll want to keep a close eye out for nests, and if bees swarm around you, try to stay calm. To discourage bees from nesting around your home, keep food containers tightly sealed outdoors, don’t leave food lying around outdoors, and empty trash cans regularly. If you do find a hive, try to get in touch with a local apiary to see if it can be relocated.


Bed bugs

While not necessarily a summer pest, bed bugs are still a common concern among homeowners. Most notably because summer is when the most traveling happens and people can unwittingly bring them home in their luggage. Take a look at our article on bed bugs to learn more about preventing an infestation.


Why choose Boz Pest Control to keep my home safe from summer pests?

For over 30 years, Boz Pest Control has been keeping North Shore homes pest-free. We use state-of-the-art technology and methods to deal with all sorts of pests, insect or otherwise. In addition, we offer same day and emergency service, so you won’t have to spend a night waiting for someone to clear out the rats in your walls. If you need a trustworthy company to keep you safe from summer pests, put your trust in Boz Pest Control!

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