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North Shore Pest Control: 5 Signs of Termite Damage

August 17, 2015

You need North Shore pest control when little critters threaten to overtake your home. Though ants and bedbugs will certainly damage the interior of your home, there’s one type of bug that you certainly want to eliminate: termites. Termites will thrive in the dark and humid sections of your home where they can eat away at your home’s wooden infrastructure. They may be small, but the damage created by termites may be too big for your home to fully bounce back from.

However, have no fear, as Richie the Bug Man is here to save your home from termites with best North Shore pest control you’ll ever experience. Of course, it’s important to know when it’s time to call Richie the Bug Man, so let us point out the signs your home is suffering from termite damage.

5 Signs You Need North Shore Pest Control

If you’re unsure your home may be infested with a ruthless gang of termites, then take a look at these 5 helpful signs:

  • Check the Wood: Termites normally feed on the surface of wood, where they would be visible to people or exposed to the elements. If you tap on the wood only to be met with a foreboding, hollow tone, there’s a high chance termites are feasting on your wood from the inside out and it’s time to call for pest control.
  • Swarms of Winged Insects: Reproductive termites are the creators of new termite colonies. Underground termites typically swarm and reproduce in spring time. If you see a swarm of insects or clumps of discarded wings, please call Richie the Bug Man before those hungry little creatures burrow deeper into your home.
  • Destroyed Paint: Drywood termites only need an opening the size of the edge of a dime to infiltrate your home and eat away wooden infrastructure. You may think chipped paint isn’t much of a concern, but it can indicate the termites are already feasting on your home. That’s why it’s important to monitor and seal any cracks in your home’s foundation to keep termites from intruding.
  • Look Out for Mud Tubes: Subterranean termites construct mud tubes on surfaces that appeal to them, such as your home’s foundation, to provide moisture while they look for food. Try storing alternative wood sources like mulch or wood chips a good distance from your home. This will help you avoid creating woody, moisture-rich habitats near your walls that termites love to eat.
  • Be Aware of Frass: Drywood termites leave wood-colored droppings called frass as they eat their way through the wood in your home. If you see such droppings in or near your home, it means your termite infestation is pretty serious. Keep gutters and crawl spaces free of debris and plant based materials because they are ideal food sources for termites.

Contact Riche the Bug Man today for North Shore pest control. Those termites may be hungry, but we’ll keep them away from your home!



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