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Your home is your castle and a great source of pride.  For most homeowners, buying a home is the biggest purchase they will make in their entire lives.  But having a problem with carpenter ants can jeopardize that investment by compromising the building’s structure, causing damage to window sills, door jams, beams and studs.  Carpenter ants can also cause tree damage, increasing the risk that a tree could fall on your house.  No one likes to see ants creeping up walls, crossing countertops, or crawling on carpets.  If you have a case of carpenter ant infestation, you want to get it under control, quickly and completely.

  • Carpenter ants are large and usually black, ranging from ¼” to ½” in length.  While they typically feed on insects and plants, they also forage for food inside people’s homes.
  • Carpenter ants hollow out trees and wood structures to build their expansive nests.  Any building near a forest or with a tree in the yard can become a location for a carpenter ant nest.
  • A carpenter ant queen can live for 15 years and have thousands of babies in her lifetime.

What Causes Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Carpenter ants build their nests in damp and rotting wood.  They normally dwell in forests but can also nest in tree stumps or decaying wood you may have near your home.  In their quest for food, they enter your home to gather meats, starches, sweets, and other food particles.  The carpenter ants may forage for food up to 200 yards away from their main nest, though they do create satellite nests near their food sources so the main infestation may not even be in your home.

Bozarjian Pest Control Gets Rid of Carpenter Ants

The best way to eliminate carpenter ants is by locating and destroying the nest, then chemically treating the perimeter of your home to set up protective barrier that will prevent ants from re-entering your home.  Richie “The Bug Man” Bozarjian, proprietor of Bozarjian Pest Control, will inspect your home for carpenter ant infestation and then discuss the best treatment plan.

To rid your home of carpenter ants, Bozarjian Pest Control combines these techniques:

  • Information gathering: The first step in eradicating your carpenter ant problem is to find out as much as possible about where the ants are coming from and where they may be nesting.  Once we have this information, we will drill small holes to flush out the nest.
  • Chemical treatment: We treat the outside of your home by spraying the baseboards and perimeter of your home with Termidor, a potent insecticide formulated to kill carpenter ants on contact.
  • Bait Gel: Bait gel is child and pet safe, but deadly for carpenter ants.  The worker ants eat the bait and take it back to nest to share with the others.
  • Prevention Tips: Richie “The Bug Man” Bozarjian takes pride in sharing simple tips that can help a homeowner prevent carpenter ant infestations from recurring in the future.  After the initial treatment phase, here are four simple things a homeowner can do to prevent carpenter ants from returning:
    • Clear damp and rotting vegetation that may be collecting in your yard.
    • Store firewood away from your home.
    • Seal cracks and crevices in your foundation.
    • Replace any water-damaged wood in your home.

If you suspect you have a carpenter ant infestation in your home, call Richie “The Bug Man” Bozarjian at Bozarjian Pest Control today, 781-599-5300We’ve been providing safe and reliable pest control to Boston and the North Shore since 1988 and we are trusted as the pest control service provider for North Shore Community Housing Authority.

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