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Prevent Mice Infestation This Fall

Mice Infestation
October 1, 2016

Mice infestation will prove more common during the fall and winter, when the temperatures begin cooling down and the critters look for a warmer place to nest. While mice may appear harmless, they can do some considerable damage to your home. Their nesting and eating habits may result in holes in floors and walls. They may also leave tracks and droppings. You may even notice small bite marks in your home’s wooden structures. You may think the best way to stop this is by chasing them off with a broom or the family cat, but that will only prove true if you can locate them. Due to their small size, mice can nest in the tightest corners of your home, allowing them to roam free without you ever being aware. It’s only when there is food out in the open will they pop out of their nesting place, scaring anyone in your household who is frightened by the sight of tiny, furry creatures scurrying about.

How Can Boz Help You?

When it seems mice are on the verge of overtaking your home, you need to call Boz Pest Control right away. Our team of experts know exactly what it takes to keep mice far away from your home. We offer effective solutions including entry point identification and bait station set-up. We understand that when you are trying to live peacefully in your home during the fall and winter, the last thing you want is for mice to make themselves at home as well. That’s why we specialize in dedicated customer service that will always go the extra mile to keep you happy. We will listen to your every word and make sure your every question is answered. Plus, thanks to our pest control services, you will be able to enjoy higher property resale value, improved sanitation, and if you are squeamish at the sight of mice, less scares around the house.

How Can You Prevent Mice Infestation?

In addition to our services, you can also take action this coming fall in making sure mice won’t be able to claim residence in your home. You don’t need to be a licensed mice extermination expert. All you need to do is take a few simple actions around the house, including:

  1. Sweep Floors Regularly: Your household chores can go a long way in keeping mice out, including sweeping your floors regularly. If the floors in your home are littered with food crumbs, this will pique a mice’s interest in a hurry. Breaking out that broom and sweeping will guarantee there is no food for them to eat. It may seem like a mundane, every day task, but it can serve much more of a purpose other than keeping your floors clean.
  2. Store Food Away: You may be able sweep up any food crumbs off the floor, but you also need to make sure food is stored away in general. Don’t leave plates of food on the counter without storing it in the fridge or even discarding it in the garbage. Also, make sure to change your garbage bags regularly, as trash buildup will also prove to be a hangout space for mice.
  3. Avoid Clutter: Any clutter in your home is also a common nesting place for mice, particularly growing piles of laundry. Piles of clothes are perfect for mice, as they provide enough warm hiding places for them to reside. The next time you go to grab your favorite shirt from a laundry pile, you may be in for a surprise when mice jump out. If you want to keep the scares to a minimum, it’s time to do some cleaning.
  4. Humane Mousetraps: You can purchase humane mousetraps, such as Havahart mouse traps, at your local retail or hardware store. It is generally the go-to solution when homeowners think of getting rid of their mice infestation problems. The traps are equipped with sensitive triggers that target the size and weight of mice, providing a quick and secure capture and preventing undesired catches. These should be set up in places in the home where mice commonly hide, like basements and attics.
  5. Seal Any Openings in Walls and Floors: Any opening in your home larger than ¼ inch needs to be sealed immediately so mice will have nowhere to hide this season. A mixture of steel wool and caulking compound can make for mouse-proof construction. You should also inspect door and windows for any openings to ensure there is no way any pests can enter your home. Any window screens should be checked to see if they are fit tightly and may even require the addition of metal to the screen edges so the mice do not chew on them.

Don’t Let Uninvited Guests Put A Damper On Your Fall Festivities, Contact Boz About Their Mice Infestation Solutions

Contact Boz Pest Control today if you want to learn more about how you can ensure your home remains free from the threat of mice infestation!

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