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Mice Infestation in Beverly: 4 Tips for Homeowners

October 7, 2015

The fall is the season for pumpkin pie, sweaters, and enjoying the cooler temperatures. However, it’s also a time where we’ll see a heightened chance of mice infestation in Beverly. As the temperatures begin to dip, mice will be looking for places with warmer climates and plenty of food, which means they’ll threatening to claim residency in your home soon. While mice may appear unthreatening, they can bring some physical damage to your home. They like to form holes in your siding, windows, and walls so they can make themselves home.

If you’re the type of person who jumps and shrieks at the sight of a mouse, then it’s time to call Richie the Bug Man for assistance. Richie will work with you in keeping your home mice-free with several innovative extermination methods, including entry point identification and developing bait stations. We understand how mice can really serve as a detriment to your home, and Richie will do his best in trying to keep them out to ensure your satisfaction!

How Can You Get Rid of Mice Infestation in Beverly?

Fortunately, there are several things homeowners can do to keep mice away from their home. Here are 4 tips to keep those pesky critters from wreaking havoc in your home:

  1. Sweep Regularly: Mice are hungry creatures, and will go looking for any crumb or morsel of food they can muster. Of course, if the floors in your home are littered with crumbs and other filth, it’s best to sweep regularly. This will leave your home free of anything that will pique a mouse’s appetite. It may be a simple household chore, but it’s undeniably effective in keeping mice away!
  2. Store Away Food Sources: Sometimes, the crumbs on your floor aren’t enough to satisfy a mouse’s appetite. Any open food sources, whether it be an open bag of chips on the counter or a plate of cake, can lure mice in. Always store food sources away, whether it be in the cupboard, refrigerator, or freezer.
  3. Avoid Laundry Piles: Your laundry can pile up before you know it, but it’s best to keep those piles from forming. Piles of clothes provide a dark, warm space for mice to hang out, and you may be on the receiving end of a scare if you allow clothes to build up!
  4. Cats: Your house cat may like lounging around, but it will report to duty immediately once it spots a mouse. Cats may make great companions, but they also serve as protectors who can scare mice away from entering your home!

Contact Richie the Big Man today to learn more on how you can avoid mice infestation in Beverly!

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