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Lynn Pest Control: Flea Infestation

February 18, 2014

Check Where Pets Sleep to Notice Signs of Fleas in Your Home


Fleas are just one of those pests you do not want in your home. They outnumber us and people feel overwhelmed when their homes have a flea infestation, as it can feel like they will never leave. Not to mention they can be harmful to your family and pets.

Facts About Fleas

  • They can live in your carpets, furniture, and worst of all, on your pets.
  • Fleas generally live in the grass, but once they sense body heat they will jump at that opportunity to feed off of the blood of either humans or animals.
  • The only way fleas can move is by jumping.


Signs of a Flea Infestation in Your Home

  • If your dogs and cats seem to be scratching themselves a lot, they usually have fleas which can spread to other parts of your home, including your family members.
  • Take a closer look at where your pets sleep. Sometimes you will be able to find signs of either dead fleas or eggs if you look closely.
  • Random bites on your body is usually another sign. People usually feel flea bites and once they bite you it will leave a red mark on your skin.


If you have any of these signs present in your home it is a good idea to call a professional. Fleas can be harmful to your family and pets since they can carry disease. Bozarjian Pest control wants to ensure that your family and pets stay safe from fleas.

If fleas are taking over your home do not hesitate to call Richie the Bug Man. His years of experience and expertise in flea control will have all the fleas running for their lives out of your home!


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