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Lynn Pest Control Expert: The Difference Between a Mouse and Squirrel Nest

March 20, 2014


It May Not Always be a Mouse Problem

At Bozarjian Pest Control, we have been ridding homeowners of infestations for over 25 years. No matter how creepy or crawly those pests may be, Richie the Bug Man always gets the job done right.

Those 25 years have given him plenty of experience and knowledge about the behaviors of these pests, including nesting habits

We recently had a customer who found a nest in her ceiling as she was renovating and wasn’t sure what kind of animal made a home there.

Most homeowners, much like this one, assumed it was mice. It’s the most obvious assumption, as you frequently hear horror stories of mice running around the house. But, it’s important to not jump to conclusions.

The nest you are seeing may not necessarily be from mice – it could also be from squirrels.

Do You Have Mice or Squirrels in Your Home?

While squirrels do mainly make their homes outside, in those cold winter months it’s not uncommon for them to seek shelter in a nice, warm attic.

So, how will you know?

Mice nesting habits:

  • Mice nests are made from tough, rubbery material
  • Things like string, shredded paper, torn cloth, food wrappers, and pillow stuffing could all be used for the lining of the nest.
  • Mice will form nests into a ball.
  • A clear indication that it is a mouse nest is if you find droppings inside or around it.


Squirrel nests:

  • They will typically use insulation material to make the nest.
  • Squirrels will find any crevice they can to build the nest, so you may notice them near ceiling breaks, unscreened vents, or loose trim boards.
  • They also tend to make their nests at the edges of their space, like down in the eave.
  • If you look at the location of the nest, you may see chewed electrical wires or gnawed wood.


Even after reading these differences, it can be hard to determine whether you have a mouse or squirrel problem on your hands. It’s best to call in the pros. Call Bozarjian Pest Control today!

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