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When you schedule an inspection with Boz Pest Control, you can count on us for guaranteed service. We’ll begin our inspection by looking for signs of termites and potential areas where they may be entering your home. We will treat the infestation, by defending your home with our safe, child and pet-friendly products. We will also help you protect against future infestations and guarantee that you see Termite free treatment.

termite-swarmersWhat Types of Termites Are Out There?

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Dampwood Termites

Drywood Termites

Formosan Termites

Subterranean Termites


What Boz Will Do for You

For most homeowners, they are unaware of a termite issue in their home. The reason for that is because you only see termites particularly once a year and comes in bunches. Termites need moisture, feed on cellulose, live in soil. They survive on wood, making damage from them more expensive which ultimately leaves you with dramatic repair costs. They create a mud tunnel and build it from the ground and along the home’s foundation. Termites will travel in and out of the tunnel to get to the wood, allowing them to maintain moisture, and making it harder for you to find them.termites and learning about what they are and how they work.

Methods for Stopping Termite Infestations

Back in the day, termite treatment wasn’t very effective 12-15 years ago. Now, we have treatment methods that are safe for your children and pets, known as Termidor. We use this product to treat around the perimeter of the home and exterior. This treatment includes a 5-year guarantee and is the best product to use.

Prevent Termites By…

Looking for mud tunnels and inspecting your property for “swarming.” Swarming means you can see about 100 termites at a time below the ground and inside the soil. You can also physically check the structure of your basement if you have one, the foundation of your home and near window sills closest to the ground. Termites follow through cracks, window sills, and above sub-plates of the home’s foundation, so keep a close eye on those areas. And of course, if your home has large rocks, patio rocks, or stone walkway paths, then those are living spaces to check for termite swarming as well.


For termite treatment, control, and prevention, contact Richie the Bug Man at Boz Pest Control today!

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