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How Can You Prevent Roach Infestation in Danvers?

November 12, 2015

Sure, roaches may appear small and unimposing, but they can bring plenty of chaos to your otherwise peaceful home.  Roaches love to travel in packs and can quickly take over your home sooner than you think. While that may sound like a plot from the latest sci-fi blockbuster, it’s a real world possibility, especially we slowly make our way to winter when roaches will be looking for warm places to seek residency. Roaches can contaminate food supply, give members of your household allergic reactions, and emit a nasty odor that permeates throughout your home. Make no mistake, they aren’t welcome houseguests!

If you’re looking to live peacefully this winter, allow Richie the Bug Man to take care of roach infestation in Danvers to make your winter critter-free. Richie can apply various extermination methods to kick roaches out of your home for good. One of Richie’s top solutions is bait gel which can be applied to strategic spots in your home.  Home inspections can also be held to check all areas of your home for any possible trace of infestation.

You Can Take Action Against Roaches!

While Richie the Bug Man can do some amazing things in eliminating roaches, there are also several things you can do to take care of roaches once and for all. Here are some prevention methods you can apply in your own home:

  • Regular Sweeping: You may find daily household chores boring, but it can actually help you get rid of roaches. Sweeping floors in an important step in prevention. Any food particles, dirt, and debris can send roaches coming to your home in droves. However, a spotless floor won’t give them any incentive for coming into your home. A floor sweep a week keeps the roaches away.
  • Change and Take out Garbage: Roaches loves garbage. The longer you go without removing a filled garbage bag from your home, the higher chance roaches will seep into your home. Change and take out your garbage to eliminate the threat of roaches so they’re robbed of the chance of getting their feelers on food waste.
  • Clear Counter Tops: If your kitchen counter tops are cluttered with open containers of food, then that’s perfect opportunity for roaches to begin taking over your home. Store food in cabinets, freezers, and refrigerators. If you do need to have food on counter tops make it’s covered with plastic wrap so the roaches won’t be able to feast.

Contact Richie the Bug Man today if you want to learn more on how to prevent roach infestation in Danvers. If you’re looking to get rid of roaches, always rely on Richie!

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