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Got Fleas? Look Out for These Warning Signs of Flea Infestation in Beverly, MA!

June 23, 2016

The summertime is known for blockbusters, but there could be one coming to your home this season that you don’t want to see: flea infestation in Beverly, MA. While you are most likely looking forward to relaxing this summer, an influx of fleas can turn your home into a big-budget sci-fi thriller with little reddish-brown insects popping up on furniture, carpets, and worst of all, the family dog. Before your home is overtaken by bugs, you need to call a professional to ensure you live happily ever after. But where to turn?

You should call Boz Pest Control. For years, we’ve always managed to pull through and devise effective strategies in eliminating fleas so homeowners across the North Shore can live comfortably. Even if you suspect only the slightest inkling of infestation in your home, you call us for inspection service. We’ll make sure not a single insect is causing a scene in your home thanks to services like flea misting or a strict home vacuuming regimen.

Flea Infestation in Beverly, MA: When Should You Call Us?

Nobody is lining up and buying a ticker just to see fleas making a raucous in your home, so call Boz Pest Control immediately for service once you notice signs that flea infestation may be headed to an area near you:

  1. Pets Itching: Are you noticing the family dog starting to itch and scratch a little more than usual? Well, there may be fleas looking to claim residency in their fur. As you may imagine, this can be quite irritating for your dog Spot or really any animal to endure. If you want to keep their well-being in check, arranged an appointment with the vet and arrange an appointment with Boz Pest Control to keep fleas away from your best friend.
  2. Fleas on Furniture: Pay close attention to your furniture, as that’s where fleas may find themselves getting cozy. Fleas like to dwell in darker, cooler areas of your home, and the little crevices ion your furniture are perfect spaces for them to inhabit. Pay attention to your carpets as well.
  3. Flea Bites on Skin: Pets aren’t the only ones at risk when fleas begin to invade your home. You may feel the effects too, with little bites appearing on your skin. Bits will appear as small, red bumps, usually appearing in groups of three or four. You may develop hives or a rash around the infected area. Don’t take a gamble with your well-being this summer, and instead call Boz Pest Control when the biting gets too much.

Contact Boz Pest Control today if flea infestation in Beverly, MA is planning to turn your home into a horror show. We can keep fleas away and ensure the only intense action you see this summer is on the silver screen!

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