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Got Bed Bugs? Call Richie for Bed Bug Extermination in Lynn!

September 30, 2015

Breaking news: bed big are threatening to invade homes across the North Shore! If you don’t these critter making themselves comfortable in your home, please call Richie the Bug Man for bed bug extermination in Lynn! It’s important to call for extermination service at the first sign of bed bugs in your home because though they may appear non-threatening, bed bugs can cause quite the disruption in your home. Bed bugs can leave you with bites on your arms and legs that can cause rashes. And if you’re jittery at the sight of bugs, they can cause quite the scare too!

Richie the Bug Man is the right person for the job if you’re looking keep bed bugs away from your home for good. Richie will apply a wide range of extermination methods to keep bed bugs out of your mattress, bedding, or clothing. When it comes to your health and safety, you can always count on Richie the Bug Man to go the extra mile in keeping bed bug out and making sure they stay far, far away from your home.

The Features of Richie’s Bed Bug Extermination in Lynn

Richie the Bug Man offers innovative bed bug extermination in Lynn unlike anything else in the North Shore. Here what Richie can do for your home:

  • Inspection of All Areas of Your Home: Bed bugs like to dwell in the smaller, darker place in your home that not be immediately visible to the eye like mattresses or in between walls. They’re not just limited to beds, which is why Richie can give your home an inspection to let you know you where bed bugs are beginning to settle and what steps you should take to keep them out.
  • Insecticide Spray: Richie the Bug Man uses Hollow Point, a completely state-of-the art insecticide spray that ensures 100% guarantee of bed bugs. Hollow Point is expressly formulated for mattresses, which is where bed bugs can crawl and ruin your good night’s sleep.  And the best part? This insecticide is green and friendly to the environment!
  • Direct Injection: Richie’s direct injection entails Richie injecting insecticide into the small cracks and crevices where bed bugs like to make themselves home. This includes areas between walls and flooring. This method is designed to get at those hard-to-reach areas of your home to make sure bed bugs are gone for good.

Contact Richie the Bug Man today for bed bug extermination in Lynn that will kick those nasty critters to the curb!

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