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Fall Pest Control: Protect Your Home Today!

fall pest control in Massachusetts by Boz Pest Control
September 27, 2019

Fall is here, which means pests like mosquitoes will die off and leave you alone. However, pests of all types can still be active during this season, and many will be looking for shelter from the upcoming winter. This means pests of all kinds will be looking to get into people’s homes and potentially cause damage. To keep your home safe from pests this fall, Boz Pest Control is here to give you some helpful tips to keep your home secure.

Here are some fall pest control tips for keeping pests out of your home:


Clean up debris around your home

Junk like old tires, piles of dead leaves, and overgrown grass can all provide shelter for pests. If these shelters are right up against your home, it’ll further boost the chance that pests will find a way into your home. You should keep any sort of debris, such as piles of firewood, away from your home and clean up anything that could shelter pests. This also includes any branches or bushes close to your home.


Store your food tightly

Plenty of pests can smell food that’s left out in the open. If an ant finds some easy food, it’ll leave behind a chemical trail that will attract more ants. Instead of using bags and clothespins, store your food in sealed storage containers to keep pests out.


Seal off the gaps

When the cold moves in, pests will be looking to find a well-heated home to live in. They most often get into homes by sneaking in through small gaps on the outside of the house. Check gutters, windows, attic spaces, and more to ensure nothing can get in. If there are holes, get them fixed or insulated so pests can’t get free room and board.


Clean up standing water

One big thing that draws in pests like cockroaches is pools of standing water. Check your cooling units, like the AC and refrigerators, to make sure they aren’t leaking any water. You’ll also want to check your plumbing to make sure there are no leaks and your drains aren’t clogged.


Why call Boz to help me keep my home pest-free?

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