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Do You Have a Problem with Mice in Salem?

May 13, 2015

Many homeowners have problems with mice in Salem. It’s unfortunate but true: these tiny creatures that helped give birth to cartoon entertainment can, in reality, be a fast-spreading, disease-bearing nuisance, and Massachusetts is no stranger to these pests. They gnaw through walls, floors, furniture and fabric, and they multiply very quickly. What starts out as a couple of mice can become a whole infestation in a matter of weeks. What’s more, they can bear the so-called hantavirus, which can make humans very sick if they come into contact with mice droppings or dust from mice nests.

Dealing with the Problem

Even if you have a couple of cats as house pets, this doesn’t guarantee you won’t get mice. And mousetraps are not only cruel, but also unpleasant to have to deal with. Still, there are some homeowners who try to fight the problem themselves, even going so far as to buying poison and spreading it around the home. However, this is never a good idea! You could expose yourself, your family or your pets to the poison… with devastating consequences. So be safe, and don’t try to deal with a very real problem in an irresponsible and hazardous manner.

Always Call the Professional

The only way to get rid of mice completely is to call a pest control expert like Richie the Bug Man at Boz Pest Control. He knows how to find out where the mice enter your home and properly seal off all cracks and holes. Furthermore, he’s experienced at setting baits at points where the mice can easily get to them. A few well-placed baits can address your mice problem within a couple of days. What’s more: keeping the baits filled and in place will ensure you don’t ever see a mouse anywhere near your home again.

For the very best advice about problems with mice, call Boz Pest Control today. He’ll come to your home, assess the situation and, together with you, create an action plan to resolve the situation. And once the critters are all gone, you can even have Richie come to your home every couple of months to make sure there’s no activity near the baits or anywhere else, which ensures you that the mice are staying away. So don’t wait: call Richie the Bug Man today!

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