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June 28, 2019

A Quick Primer on Common Summer Pests

The arrival of the summer season brings more than trips to the beach and ice cream. Insects of all kinds like to make their homes in your home, and why wouldn't they. Your house has plenty of food, small nooks for living, and protection from summer storms. However, you likely don't want these pests in your home. Let Boz Pest Control teach you about some of the more common summer pests you can expect to encounter.  


Ants of all types are ... Read More
May 31, 2019

How to Prevent Summer Pests in Your Home

As summer approaches, all sorts of insects will be making a reappearance. While there are nicer ones like butterflies and ladybugs, there are also less pleasant ones you'll have to deal with. Mosquitoes, namely females, will suck your blood and leave behind itchy welts. Ants sneak into your home in search of food, while subspecies bring their own problems. Bees and similar bugs can build nests on your property and viciously defend it from you. Finally, bed bugs can infest ... Read More
May 17, 2019

Honey Bees, Yellowjackets, Hornets, or Wasps?

Wasps, hornets, honey bees, and yellowjackets all seem pretty similar at first glance. However, there are important differences between the four insects look-alikes. Knowing these differences can help you assess the danger and determine your plan of attack.  

Honey bee

Honey bees are an insect that falls under the Apis genus. Originating from South-Southeast Asia, these bees have been introduced worldwide due to their honey producing and crop pollinating capabilities. They have a decent amount of fuzz on their bodies and ... Read More
November 27, 2018

Where Do North Shore Bugs Go in the Winter?

As the weather gets even chillier here in Lynn, MA, and the surrounding areas, you may find yourself wondering where the bugs go. It may seem like just yesterday that you were swatting mosquitoes and dodging wasps, but now you hardly see any insects in a given day. Do they die? Do they hibernate? Do they migrate? The answer depends on the bug! Heres what happens to the local insects when the temperature drops:


Despite their durability and resilience, cockroaches don't ... Read More
February 14, 2018

Insects You May Encounter This Spring

Springtime is a lovely season. Leaves appear on the trees, crocuses and daffodils start to bloom, and the birds start to sing and build nests again. Everything that’s been dormant throughout the long, cold winter comes back to life again. Unfortunately, the same goes for critters: common insects that we’d rather not encounter, no matter what season it is. Even though they’re small, they can wreak havoc on your home — and some can even pose a threat to your ... Read More
May 13, 2017

How to Avoid Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Of all the creepy crawlers and winged vermin in the insect world, wasps are among the most despised and feared, and for good reason. Being in the presence of wasps can be problematic, as a sting from one of these pests can be painful or, to someone who is allergic, even deadly. Wasps include any insects in the order Hymenoptera and suborder apocrine except for bees and ants. There are over 30,000 known species of wasps, such ... Read More
May 25, 2016

Common Signs of Yellow Jacket Infestation in Lynn, MA

Some people can break out in a state of panic whenever they see a yellow jacket flying in their home, and with good reason. Yellow jackets are one of the more aggressive members of the wasp family. They can build nests in rodent holes, between walls, under overhangs, in attics, under desks, and really any other darkened area of your home. Before you even realize it, yellow jacket infestation in Lynn, MA has hit your home and you need to ... Read More
May 18, 2016

3 Reasons to Consider Yellow Jacket Elimination in Danvers, MA

Not to be confused with bees, who also wear a yellow and black jacket, you’ll want to seriously consider yellow jacket elimination in Danvers, MA this summer. Yellow jackets are 10 to 15mm in length and display a variety of yellow and black coloring. With wings as long as their body, yellow jackets are wasps that live in colonies of thousands. A yellow jacket nest in your home is too risky to blow off. Dozens of people are killed by ... Read More
August 22, 2014

Bee Extermination in Danvers

Knowing the Enemy: Yellow Jackets

It's bee season, folks, and if you've seen the insects buzzing around your home, you need to start looking into extermination.  Yellow jacket infestations, when allowed to escalate, post a risk to your safety: all female yellow jackets can sting, and wasp hives tend to be aggressive. By the end of a season (i.e. approximately where we are right now), yellow jacket nests can grow to be the size of a basketball.  The North Shore is ... Read More
December 3, 2013

Ask a Peabody Pest Control Company: Yellow Jackets in Home

This customer called with a yellow jacket problem in his home. He said they weren't in the house and then he sprayed and used caulking to keep them out. However, that didn't work and they made their way inside. At Bozarjian Pest Control we can help get rid of them for you. In this situation, what we would have to do first is take the caulking out and try to determine where the nests are and where they are coming from. ... Read More