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How to Identify and Deal With A Carpenter Bee Infestation

March 29, 2020

Carpenter bees are a subspecies named for their nesting behavior in which they burrow into hard plant material like wood or bamboo to nest for the winter. Since many homes use wood as part of their construction, this presents an obvious problem for homeowners. If you suspect you have an infestation, you’ll likely need professional help to protect yourself and your home!

How do I know I have carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees look similar to bumblebees, but they don’t have the distinctive fuzz bumblebees have on their abdomen. Instead, their abdomen is exposed and shiny. A sure sign of their handiwork are the holes bored into the wood outside your home. Sometimes you can still see the sawdust underneath the hole. The entrances to the holes may be yellowed from a combination of bee pollen and excrement. Be careful, though! Male carpenter bees generally buzz aggressively outside the entrances and may hover in front of your face to drive you off.

How do I deal with a carpenter bee problem?

The best way to deal with a carpenter bee infestation is to call a pest control professional. The first thing they’ll do is perform a thorough investigation of your house. If they find any holes, they’ll likely treat them with insecticide while leaving them open. This can help eliminate bees that return to the nest and come into contact with the insecticide. They also may spray the air to get rid of any carpenter bees flying around. The professional might also suggest you repaint fences and fill in bored holes in order to discourage bees from returning.

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