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Signs You Have Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants are a pest all year round- call Boz Pest Control!
February 15, 2019

It may be easy to forget about household pests in the winter, but invasive bugs don’t take this season off. Carpenter ants can be a threat to your home in Lynn, MA both in the summer and winter months. You can identify this species by their dark bodies and bent antennae. But how do you know you have carpenter ants in your home and not termites?

Signs You Have Carpenter Ants This Winter

You Spot Ants Inside the Home

Carpenter ants like to enter the home in areas where moisture is a problem. If you are seeing ants consistently around your foundation, basement, or areas near plumbing they’re likely carpenter ants. Carpenter ants like to build nests in wood that is moist or damaged by other pests. If you spot winged ants in late winter and early spring, there is a good chance a nest is active in your home right now.

Sawdust Piles

Unlike termites, a carpenter ant does not actually eat the wood in your home. They want to burrow through the wood to create their nest and then forage for food outside of it. You can spot a carpenter ant infestation because there will be piles of rough sawdust around the holes in the wood. A termite nest will not have this sawdust buildup outside of it.

Smooth Tunnels in the Wood

If you look at the holes in a wooden structure and see they’re smooth and clean, it is a sign of carpenter ants. Termites will have debris and dirt inside the tunnels, while carpenter ants will have sawdust outside and a clean tunnel system.

Rustling Noises

Active carpenter ant colonies make a dry, rustling sound that can be heard inside the affected structure. If you suspect a carpenter ant colony, you can tap the wall where you think they are and listen for rustling noises. Professional pest management will use advanced detection methods such as stethoscopes and moisture meters to detect likely nest locations.

Don’t let a carpenter ant problem damage your home any longer!

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