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Carpenter Ants Are Back in Beverly, Is Your Home Protected?

carpenter ants vs termites and the differences between them
July 1, 2015

If you don’t want carpenter ants in your Beverly home, you’ve got to take action to protect your home as soon as possible. During the summer, carpenter ants are highly active, and they can quickly spread throughout the wood of a structure. And that spells nothing less than disaster.

What Carpenter Ants Do

Carpenter ants are highly industrious insects that build nests at record speed. They foray far and wide to gather food to feed their populations, and even create satellite nests close to their food sources. Their queens can live up to 15 years and produce literally thousands of offspring.

All of this sounds like a nature show—but when your home’s the location they’ve chosen for their nests and your kitchen is where they look for food, you’ve got a real problem. They can chomp their way through wooden support structures, windowsills, doors and door jams, beams and furniture. They’ll set up routes right through your home to make their way to the kitchen where any food they can reach is a target. In short, an infestation can happen quickly and be very difficult to get rid of. And the damage to your property can be extensive, resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs.

Unless you call Richie the Bug Man, that is!

Richie the Bug Man Exterminates Carpenter Ants

With more than 25 years of experience in the pest control business, Richie the Bug Man has wiped out his fair share of carpenter ants. He knows how to located their nests and just where to place chemicals to destroy them. He also knows how to protect your home against the nasty little critters coming back. So if you’ve noticed any of these large, black ants in or around your home, you need to call him right away.

Richie will come to your property and pinpoint where the nest is and how the ants are entering the home. Then he’ll use a combination of human- and pet-safe bait and chemicals to exterminate them. Finally, he’ll advise you on how to avoid them returning to your property.

So don’t wait a minute longer: if you suspect you have carpenter ants on your property, call Richie right away!

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