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Call Richie When You Need Pest Control in Lynn

June 10, 2015

If you’re struggling with pest control in Lynn, it’s means for immediate action. Bed bugs, ants, termites, and many other tiny bugs can buildup and claim residency in your home. Tiny bugs may not seem dangerous at first glance, but sometimes small things come in deceitful, destructive packages. Pests can render your home unlivable, a fate you’ll most definitely want to avoid.

Fortunately, Richie the Bug Man from Boz Pest Control is here to save the day, and he’s only one quick phone call away! For over 25 years, Richie has offered the best pest control in the North Shore and can clear your Lynn home from becoming thriving pest

Why Should You Call Richie?

When you call Richie for pest control, you’re getting the best service that will rid pests immediately. Here’s why you should call Richie so the bugs don’t bite away your home!


Ready for Emergency: Have you ever been stuck in a situation where your home becomes infested with pests seemingly within the blink of an eye? Then don’t panic and pick up the phone to call Richie for any emergency situation. He’ll make sure your pest control problem is solved in no time. At Boz Pest Control, we understand an emergency situation can happen at any time, which is why Richie is here to help you at all times!


Help with Any Pest: Hey, a growing amount of pests in your home can be terrifying. Bed bugs start crawling under your mattress, termites begin eating away wood, and ants clamor for every crumb of food. However, Richie isn’t called “The Bug Man” for nothing and certainly isn’t afraid to confront these pests head on. Richie has encountered every type of pest in his 25 years of experience, and a small batch of bed bugs certainly won’t scare him away from getting the job done!


Personal, Caring Attention: Boz Pest Control understands pest control can determine your health and happiness in your home. After all, pest control doesn’t just effect you, but also the safety and welfare of your children and pets. No matter how great or small the problem, Richie is all ears and ready to listen. Each problem with pest control will be handled with precision that’ll cut to the heart of the problem.


Call Richie today for pest control in Lynn! Remember, one phone call can save your home from a total bug invasion!

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