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Call Richie The Bug Man For Bee Extermination in Beverly

August 5, 2015

What’s the buzz in Beverly? Maybe it’s the summertime events down at Lynch Park or what the nightlife has to offer on Cabot Street on Saturday night. Either way, the last way you probably want to spend your time is fighting bees in your home. But if you’re noticing a bee infestation in your home, you can’t ignore it or else you’ll just be putting your home and family at serious risk.

For the safest and most efficient form of bee removal, Richie “The Bug Man “Bozarjian, the proprietor of Box Pest Control, provides you with all the bee extermination services you need in Beverly. Richie and our other professional exterminators use the best bee fighting technology in the biz to eliminate these flying pests.

Features of our Bee Extermination Services in Beverly

Just taking on your bee infestation by sealing the entrances of their hives or nests is not going to cut it. You’ll need a highly-efficient approach by the professionals at Boz Pest Control to rid yourself of these pests once and for all. The features of our bee extermination services in Beverly include:

  • Inspections to properly plan out a good extermination approach.
  • Pesticide dusting at the entrance of the bees’ home that will get rid of the current ones and prevent future bees for up to nine months.
  • Other non-toxic and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accepted chemicals that aren’t harmful to your property or family.
  • Sophisticated pest management equipment that will locate the source of your infestation no problem.
  • Years of experience and training from our experts to efficiently take care of any size bee infestation.

Benefits of our Bee Extermination Services in Beverly

Some of the more significant benefits of our bee extermination services in Beverly include:

  • Safer, bee-free environment for your family to relax in without the threat of being stung
  • No worries for any of your family members who are allergic to bees
  • Saving yourself considerable time that you’d spend on DIY solutions.
  • Protecting your home and property from being damaged by the bees, especially carpenter bees.
  • Better prepared home that will prevent another pest infestation.

Contact Richie “The Bug Man” at Boz Pest Control for all your bee extermination needs in Beverly!

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