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A Brief Guide to Common Massachusetts Spiders

Massachusetts Spiders by Boz Pest Control
June 14, 2019

Spiders are eight-legged arachnids that live in just about any part of the world. While many people fear them, they often play beneficial roles in nature.  Up here in Massachusetts, there are four types of spiders people are likely to see. While most of these Massachusetts spiders aren’t dangerous, it’s good to know what you’ll be seeing.


House spider (Parasteatoda tepidariorum)

Common house spiders are recognizable by the tan and dark brown alternating stripes on their legs. The spider’s body is dark brown, but it also tends to have some lighter colors mixed among the brown. As the name suggests, house spiders are most often found inside homes, especially in attics, basements, and ceilings. These spiders often make their compact and fluffy webs in the corners of rooms.


Cellar spider, or “Daddy long-legs”

“Daddy long-legs” refers to various long-legged spiders in the Pholcidae family. However, the name also applies to harvestmen, which are arachnids but not actual spiders. Cellar spiders are recognizable by their extremely thin legs and delicate bodies. They most often live in tree trunks and other organic materials. Cellar spiders make their ragged webs in wall and ceiling corners and other nooks in homes.


Wolf spider

Wolf spiders are members of the Lycosidae family. Despite their large size, hairy body, and active movements, they’re actually harmless. Their hairy brown or gray bodies are adorned with bold stripes as well as other patterns. You can usually find wolf spiders around doors and windows, houseplants, or outside in gardens and under rocks.


Black widow

Black widows are the only dangerous spider native to Massachusetts. Even then, only the northern black widow is native, while the southern variant travels abroad through fruit and produce imports. Females are black, larger than males, and have a distinctive red hourglass marking on their bulbous abdomens. Males have more elongated abdomens red and white designs on them. Black widows are most often found in basements and under woodpiles and other manmade structures. Their bite is dangerous, but black widows tend to only bite when startled or threatened. The venom can cause a variety of symptoms (such as muscle pains, heightened heart rate, and muscle spasms,) but they’re rarely dangerous. Keep in mind that more serious symptoms are likely to show up in children and seniors. Antivenom and standardized pain medication are recommended for the treatment of pain and other symptoms.


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