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Bee Extermination in Danvers

August 22, 2014

Knowing the Enemy: Yellow Jackets

It’s bee season, folks, and if you’ve seen the insects buzzing around your home, you need to start looking into extermination.  Yellow jacket infestations, when allowed to escalate, post a risk to your safety: all female yellow jackets can sting, and wasp hives tend to be aggressive. By the end of a season (i.e. approximately where we are right now), yellow jacket nests can grow to be the size of a basketball.  The North Shore is the perfect climate for them to thrive in the summertime.  Everyone hates to see a yellow jacket hive in their garage, shed, or to the side of their home.

But what are yellow jackets, really?  At Bozajian Pest Control, we understand the importance of knowing the pest that you’re dealing with so that you can approach it effectively and with appropriate caution.  So let’s get to know yellow jackets:

  • Behavior– A queen yellow jacket lays its eggs in the warm days of late spring, and within 18 to 20 days the larvae pupate emerge as small, infertile “workers.”  Adults feed on sugars and fruit nectar while larvae feed on proteins (meet, fish, insects).
  • Home– Yellow Jackets make their hives out of paper-like wood pulp.  They generally build their nests in trees and shrubs, but they have a preference for protected areas inside of man-made structures.  Sometimes they burrow into the ground.
  • Danger–  The danger posed by yellow jackets is obvious: their stings hurt, and they can sting multiple times without dying.  They typically sting repeatedly and are very aggressive.  Worse, their stings contain trace amounts of venom that some humans are allergic to, and an allergic reaction can range from local swellings to difficulty breathing.

Don’t wait for your wasp issue to fix itself, because it won’t.  Call Bozajian Pest Control to have Richie the Bug Man solve your bug problem today.

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