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Bed Bug Inspection and Certification in Salem, MA

bed bug infestation in danvers
August 25, 2012

If you have ever received treatment to your home or apartment for bed bug infestation, it’s not out of the ordinary to want a piece of mind, in knowing that you’ve been completely cleared of the insects. This can be a very valuable piece of mind for a home owner. It can also easily be achieved through a professional bed bug inspection from Boston-based exterminator Richie the Bugman.

Bed Bug Inspection In Salem, MA

Richie the Bugman will come to your home or apartment and perform a fully detailed inspection for a nominal fee of $150. During this inspection, he will check your entire home or apartment for the presence of bed bugs and will thoroughly examine all bedding materials. If bed bugs are found, Richie will discuss with you the options on how to properly fix the problem. If not, you will receive your bed bug certification document.

Bed Bug Certification In Salem, MA

Once Richie the Bugman has performed a complete and proper examination of your home/apartment without finding any signs of a bed bug presence, he will be able to award you a certification. This certification document is included in the $150 total and comes complete with the “Richie the Bugman” letterhead. In this document, Richie will describe the details of his inspection and explain that your home is free and clear of bed bugs. This document can be extremely valuable for people looking to rent-out their property, as proof that the home is bed bug-free. It can also be of great importance to landlords seeking new residents, as evidence that they will be moving in to a clean environment.

Who To Call For Bed Bug Inspection and Certification In Salem, MA

If you are ever in need of a bed bug inspection and certification, do not hesitate to call Richie the Bugman. Richie proudly services the entire Greater Boston/ North Shore area and would be delighted to help resolve your situation. Through over twenty years of experience in the extermination industry, Richie has pretty much seen it all, yet still provides his customers with top-notch service for some of the industry’s most inexpensive prices.

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