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Bed Bug Extermination in Lynn, MA: 4 Tips for Homeowners

bed bug extermination
April 15, 2016

With warmer weather soon coming our way, the days of snowfall and low temperatures are coming to an end. However, the arrival of spring will also see the arrival of bed bugs. Bed bug extermination in Lynn, MA is absolutely necessary if you want to enjoy the spring and summer without having a few critters hanging in your home. You’ll sleep better without any bed bugs in your mattress and you won’t have to think twice about bed bugs jumping into your laundry.

But how exactly can you keep the bed bugs out? Well, the first thing you should do is call Boz Pest Control for bed bug extermination in Lynn, MA. We can apply several different extermination methods to ensure you’re not spending an entire season worrying about when the next critter will jump out next. In addition, we can provide you with advice on how to take care of bed bugs in your home. We don’t want to see you stuck with bed bug trouble this spring, so we’re more than happy to show you a few things!

How Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Home?

Bed bugs can thrive in close-knit living conditions like apartment buildings and hotels. If your home is crawling with bed bugs, you should take the following actions to keep your home critter-free:

  1. Housekeeping: You’re probably looking to do some spring cleaning this season, mostly due to get rid of dust and clutter. However, you can also use this opportunity to get rid of bed bugs! People who have a lot clutter in their home are at a higher risk of infestation. Take a vacuum to suck up any filth on your floors and sweep your home’s dustiest corners.
  2. Clean Sheets: While it’s true that cleaning your bed sheets regularly will help you sleep better at night, it can also keep bed bugs away. They’re not just called “bed” bugs for any old reason; they really can be found in your bed and bite when you’re sleeping. Cleaning and changing the sheets regularly will keep them away for good.
  3. Check Where Your Pet Sleeps: Your pets are especially at risk to catch bed bugs. If your dog has a dog bed or always sleeps in one particular area of the house, please check the area regularly to ensure there is no visible signs of bed bugs. Also check your pet for any bites.
  4. Vacuum Suitcases: If you recently came back from vacation where you stayed at a hotel, it may be better to vacuum the suitcases after coming back home just in case bed bugs find their way into your belongings. Bed bugs love to thrive in darker, crowded places and your suitcase will be the number-one destination for them to live.

Contact Boz Pest Control today if you want to learn more on how you can avoid bed bug extermination in Lynn, MA!

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