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Bed Bug Extermination and Removal In Malden, MA

September 2, 2012

Bed bug infestation can cause major headaches for men and women of all ages. Bed bugs have been known to cause a number of adverse effects on human health, including skin rashes, negative psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Once you’ve discovered a bed bug problem in your home or apartment, it would be wise to quickly place a call to Richie the Bugman.

Step One of Bed Bug Extermination Treatment In Malden, MA

Bed bug infestation can be treated by Richie the bed bug in one or two visits to your home or apartment. During his first visit, Richie will apply a pyrethrin-based chemical to various locations around your home, and all of its cracks and crevices. Next, he will use a newly created machine that only twenty people in the entire world have ever been lucky enough to possess to spray the areas of your home with a silica-based gel and oil. The machine is the latest and greatest piece of pest control technology to ever hit the market. It sprays the silica substance that is made up of tiny particles of glass. This glass is harmless to humans (and their pets) but is lethal to bed bugs. It scrapes their underbelly and can cause immediate death. The cost for Richie’s first visit and treatment is an inexpensive $550.

Step Two Of Bed Bug Extermination Treatment In Malden, MA

If the first visit does not completely rid your home of all bed bugs, Richie will gladly return to perform a second treatment for a minimal fee. This follow up appointment will cost you just $200. In total, you will not pay more than $750 for bed bug extermination and removal from Richie the Bugman.

Who To Call For Bed Bug Extermination And Removal In Malden, MA

If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs in your home or apartment, do not hesitate to place a call to Richie the Bugman. Richie proudly services the entire Greater Boston area and would be delighted to come to your home or apartment to quickly and professionally exterminate your bed bug infestation.

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