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How to Avoid Dealing With Holiday Pests

holiday pests in Massachusetts by Boz Pest Control
November 29, 2019

Winter is almost here and you’re thinking about enjoying the holiday festivities. However, even the cold holiday weather isn’t enough to stop some pests from making an appearance. While preparing for the holidays, you might have to deal with spiders, ticks, mice, and other pests. At Boz Pest Control, we can give you some tips on how to keep pests from disturbing your holidays.

Here are a few basic tips on keeping holiday pests out of your home:


Check your greens

While getting a Christmas tree is a classic tradition, it’s also a good way to unknowingly bring pests into your home. Wreaths, firewood, and garland can also harbor insects or their eggs. If you bring those eggs indoors, they’ll hatch in a comfortable environment and you’ll have to deal with a holiday infestation. Before bringing greenery indoors, take a few minutes to check them over for insects, eggs, or nests. Make sure to give them a shake to wake anything that might be hiding.


Look over the ornaments and lights

Many people store their tree ornaments and lights in attics, basements, and other out of the way areas. Unfortunately, these areas are also popular with pests. Mice and other pests can get into ornament boxes and leave behind messes or bodies when the time comes to decorate the tree. Pests may also get at the lights and chew up the wires. When to go to decorate, unpack your holiday items outside and look for signs of pests or the damage they might have caused.


Put everything away properly

One of the most important pest prevention tips for the holidays comes at the end of the festivities. How you take down the tree and pack up the ornaments can play a big part in attracting pests to your home. You should put holiday decorations in hard plastic bins that can be tightly sealed so nothing can get in. As for chopped firewood and old Christmas trees, you should put them far away from your home, as the old wood can attract pests like mice and termites.


Why trust Boz Pest Control to keep my holidays comfortable and pest-free?

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