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Ask a Saugus Pest Control Company: Ant Extermination

ant infestation in boston
October 10, 2013

Ant ya glad you used bait gels for your extermination?


We use a special bait gel to eliminate ants, putting it in cracks and crevices throughout a home. The ants take it back to the nest and spread it throughout the colony. Most of our customers typically see results in three or four days, with ants completely gone in about two weeks.

Bait gels have several advantages to the regular sprays that you can find in nearly any grocery store. For one, they are more target-specific than sprays and dust insecticides. When they are placed in strategic areas by a trained professional, they are far more likely to rid home of its ant infestation than other methods. Bait gels are also a great deal more cost effective than other treatment techniques that require dusting and drilling. They also make more economic sense than labor-intensive inspections to find the location of nests.

In addition, they are safe for pets and children so they can be used in a wider range of areas. For example, they can be used near places in your kitchen where you prepare food. There is no way you’d be able to safely use dust insecticides in sprays in these sensitive areas of your home.

Call Richie the Bug Man today and he’ll take care of whatever type of ant problem you may be experiencing.

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