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Ask a Salem Pest Control Company: Termite Swarmers

November 28, 2013

Swarmers indicate termite colony somewhere in or near the home



There’s good and bad news. Termite swarmers themselves – the winged termite adults that leave the group to form their own colony before shedding their wings – will not cause damage to your home. The bad news? Seeing termite swarmers probably indicated you have a termite colony somewhere in or around your home and that can cause serious structural damage.

You don’t want to realize you have these swarmers until it’s too late, so use these tips to help identify them.

  1. Physical characteristics: They will have a small, black, ant-like head with two white wings. They shed their wings, so look for paper-thin, centimeter-long white wings in piles by doorways, windowsills, or elsewhere.
  2. Flying in packs: These swarmers will travel in packs. If you see a single winged termite, or something that looks like one, that doesn’t mean the infestation is in your home. Because these insects shed their wings fairly quickly, if you see swarmers flying around for several days, chances are it’s something else – like winged ants.
  3. Habitat: Swarmers live underground in the colony nest. You’ll be able to recognize where that nest is depending on where you see them. If you see a pack of them outside, the colony is probably somewhere with fresh woodcuttings. If the swarmers are inside, unfortunately, the colony probably is too.


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