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Ask a Peabody Pest Control Expert: Why DIY Carpenter Ant Extermination Won’t Work

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January 23, 2014


Store-Bought Remedies Are Harmful to Children and Pets

When you see those pesky critters known as carpenter ants in your home, your first instinct is to head to the store and grab whatever home remedy extermination kit you can find. While we don’t blame you for your quick action, Bozarjian Pest Control does caution against these do-it-yourself fixes.

Many of the remedies and traps you will find in stores or online can be harmful to animals and/or children, which is something you definitely don’t want to risk.

At Bozarjian Pest Control, we do it the right way.

How Richie the Bug Man Will Rid Your Home of Carpenter Ants

  1. First, we have to find out exactly where these ants are coming from and where they might be nesting. Once we know that information, we will drill small holes to flush out the nest.
  2. The next thing we’ll do is treat the outside of your home with Termidor – a safe insecticide that is designed to kill carpenter ants on contact.
  3. Inside your home, we will use bait gel. Bait gel is completely safe for pets and children, but is deadly for these ants. The ants will eat the bait and lay it back at the nest helping to eliminate them all around your home.

As a homeowner, especially one with children, having carpenter ants in your home is frustrating and unsanitary. Because of that, Bozarjian Pest Control wants to help you prevent them:

  • Clear any damp and rotting vegetation that is collecting in your yard.
  • Replace any water-damaged wood in your home.
  • Store any firewood away from your home.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your foundation.

Don’t risk the health of your children, or your pets, by using harmful do-it-yourself carpenter ant remedies. Call Richie “The Bug Man” Bozarjian today to exterminate them the right way!

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