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Ask a Peabody Pest Control Expert How to Get Rid of Termites

January 14, 2014


Store-Bought Chemicals Are Harmful to Children and Pets

For all of your do-it-yourselfers out there, we are sorry to report that this is not a post dedicated to ridding termites on your own. But don’t count it out just yet.

Termites are a tough problem to deal with, as they mainly live within the wooden structure of your home. They pose a big threat and, left untreated, they can – and will – destroy the entire property. In addition, they live in colonies and rarely travel alone. This is why we say that trying to rid your termite problem yourself probably won’t be effective.

Why Choose Richie

When you call us for your pest problem, we will first do a complete inspection to ensure the issue you are actually dealing with is termites. Once we know what the cause of your troubles are, we will go over the treatment options with you so you’ll know exactly what’s being done.

Another reason why we don’t suggest you try to clear your home of mites on your own is because many of the chemicals you can buy are harmful to pets and children. Because they are the most precious parts of your life, we know you don’t want them to be harmed in any way. So, let us help!

Safe treatment options include

  1. Chemical treatment: Don’t worry – it’s not as bad as it sounds. The chemical we use to treat termites is called Termidor and it’s completely safe. It’s made to kill termites on the spot, without harming anything – or anyone – else.
  2. Bait gel: The worker termites will eat this bait and take it back to the nest to share with the other members of the colony. Little do they know that gel will completely annihilate the nest, and rid your home of the pest problem.

The moment you think there’s a possibility of a termite problem in your home, it’s time to give Richie “The Bug Man” Bozarjian a call. We will provide a safe and reliable pest control treatment guaranteed!

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