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Ask a Peabody Pest Control Company: Wasps

October 15, 2013

Five things you probably didn’t know would keep wasps away



Wasps were burrowing in cracks in this clients driveway, while others were under her house. We treated the problem with a liquid solution that seeps down into areas where wasps live.

There are some steps that you can take in an effort to keep wasps away from your home. Here are some of the more effective ones.

  1. Make sure that you keep sources of food indoors. Wasps are especially fond of protein, so try to keep eating outside to a minimum. Also, keep sugar inside the home. Sugar can provide a reproductive boost to predatory wasps.
  2. If you do eat outside, make sure to slice up some cucumbers and leave them near other food items. Cucumbers have an acidic property that repels wasps, so they will very likely stay away from your picnic.
  3. Your garbage cans need to be sealed tightly because wasps are not just hunters, but also scavengers.
  4. Consider hanging up a crumpled brown paper bag. It will look like a nest to a wasp, and they will not build a nest where one already exists.
  5. Make sure your siding and awnings are securely fastened. Loose siding is an attractive place for a wasp to set up a nest.

Call Richie the Bug Man today if you ever have any kind of wasp problem.

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