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Ask a Marblehead Pest Control Company: Mice Infestation

November 7, 2013

Mouse trap! Not the most effective method, but one to try before calling exterminator


If you have a mouse problem in your home and you want to try and eliminate it yourself, there are some safe options that you can attempt before calling a professional. Be wary of certain claims, however; while they may sound good, in practice some of these have shown to be completely unreliable.

  1. Some people try to grow mint plants in their garden because it is said to repel mice. You could try keeping a potted one in your kitchen or spray peppermint extract near areas mice may try to enter your home.
  2. There are some ultrasonic devices available that makers claim will drive mice away by making an unpleasant noise. While mice are affected, people are not. Take these claims with a grain of salt, however. There are several reports stating that mice simply get used to the noise.
  3. If you want to attempt to humanely trap mice, there are catch traps available that don’t harm them. When a mouse is lured in with bait, a door shuts behind them and they can’t get out. These systems are inconsistent, though. In many instances the mice will learn how to defeat them. You’ll also have to figure out what to do with the mouse once you catch it.

Call Bozarjian Pest Control today and we will handle any type of mouse issue you may be experiencing.

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