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Ask a Lynn Pest Control Expert: Why are there carpenter ants in my home?

carpenter ants vs termites and the differences between them
January 29, 2014

Ever find little piles of sawdust around your home? Have you noticed odd holes or tunnels that have been cut into window frames, support beams, or other wood in or around your home? Upon further investigation, you might find that you have a serious carpenter ant problem. Carpenter ants are large black ants that can be found living inside or outside of your home. They love to burrow into wood that is dead or damp, leaving hollow tunnels in their wake. Note that this separate from termites, who will pack the hollowed areas that they cause.

Many of our customers in Lynn have reported issues with carpenter ants, so be sure you know the warning signs. Here is a simple three step guide to properly locate and identify a major carpenter ant problem:

  1. Know your home: Look for major wood structures in or around your home that may be at risk of becoming damn or dying. This can include sheds, window frames, wooden beams or structure points in the home, etc.
  2. Look for the warning signs: While searching these areas, if you notice holes, burrows, or sawdust build ups on or around the wooden areas, mark them down. Keep an eye on any areas for large black ants, and make note if the holes stay empty or become filled in.
  3. Take action: If you notice any part of your property’s wood has a carpenter ant problem, you need to act immediately. Call Richie the Bugman right away.

Carpenter ants are no joke, and if left alone, can cause major damage to your home. This issue is more than just having a few holes piles of sawdust around your home: carpenter ants can dig their way through any thickness of wood and can compromise the structural integrity of whatever they are snacking on.

Don’t leave the carpenter ant control to chance. Call the Lynn pest control expert, Richie the Bugman today!

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