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Ask a Lynn Pest Control Company: Spider Infestation

October 24, 2013

Infestation not an itsy bitsy problem



A spider infestation in a home is not only disturbing to many people, it can be dangerous as well. Certain species have a bite that can be poisonous, and in some instances, even fatal. If you take some of the following steps, however, you may be able to increase your chances of keeping spiders away from your home.

First, if you do have them, do your best to find out how they are getting in. If you have any cracks in your window casings or doorways, or in your basement walls, fill them as quickly as possible. If you see any webs, sweep them down with a broom. If they are outside, you can also use a water hose.

Make sure you pick up any clutter so that spiders will not be able to hide. Don’t leave any cardboard boxes lying around because they can use them as a food source. Check under couches, beds and other furniture for potential hiding places and clear them out with a broom.

If you ever have any sort of spider problem, call Bozarjian Pest Control.

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