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Ask a Lynn Pest Control Company: Cockroaches in Apartment Building

November 26, 2013

Check for signs you may have an infestation in your home



This customer was having a problem with cockroaches in her apartment. She said that there were three units and hers was the only one with the problem. When exterminating them, however, it would probably be best to do each unit so they don’t continue to come back.

Since cockroaches are nocturnal insects, it may be hard to recognize if you have them in your home. But there are some things you can look out for so you know if you have an infestation. Because they live and feed in the dark, if you see one or more during the day that’s a possible sign.

If you ever think you have an infestation, check behind refrigerators, stoves, sinks, under floor drains, and inside motors and major appliances because these insects prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed. Another sign is if you see their feces around your home. It looks like coffee grounds or black pepper, so be on the lookout for either of those.

When you know you have an infestation, call Bozrjian Pest Control so we can get rid of them for you. The most effective way of getting rid of roaches is to use bait gel. We will put it into all cracks and crevices, where hinges are, behind the stove, anywhere they like to hide.

This method takes three weeks to work fully, but it is completely effective each and every time. Call Bozarjian Pest Control today!

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