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Ask a Lynn Pest Control Company: Bees in Home

November 19, 2013

Bees annoying both inside and outside the home




People don’t like bees when they’re outside buzzing about, let alone inside their home. While each situation is different, there is something that Bozarjian Pest Control can do to help get rid of the bees.

We will find where they are entering your home from the outside and treat that area with a powder. It’s important that we fill in any gaps where the bees are probably nesting. There is no way to physically remove the nest, but we will treat it so it’s dead and no longer able to house the bees.

Even though having these pests in your home is an annoyance, and can be worrisome for fear you’ll be stung, the upside is that they will not to any structural damage to your house. Honey bees don’t chew or eat wood.

It’s best to leave the extermination to a professional because simply plugging up the hole where they enter and exit will not work. The bees will just find another way in and out. If you’re having a bee problem in your home, call Bozarjian Pest Control so we can get rid of them for good!

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