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Ask a Danvers Pest Control Company: How Can Carpenter Ants Damage My Home?

January 20, 2014

In the natural world, carpenter ants are a critical part of their ecosystem. They play the all-important role of ‘decomposers’ of trees, burrowing deep into woody material and eating the smaller insects and plant material they find there. This is all well and good until the ants begin to migrate out of their natural habitat and into human populated areas.

As their natural habitats are slowly encroached upon by new construction and suburban growth, the hungry carpenter ants will leave the woods behind in search of a new home or lured by the scent of human or pet food. The ants take their time to cause real damage but once they have had a chance to “dig in,” the damage to your home can be severe and lasting.

What are carpenter ants capable of? Carpenter ants will damage and destroy any wood in which they are able to nest. Such an infestation can become extremely serious when left untreated and in some cases, a colony of carpenter ants will build satellite nests. When the ants get this comfortable, eradication can become trickier. To control an infestation properly and reduce the chances that a colony (and its’ satellites) will come back after, your best bet is to contact Richie the Bug Man.

The most vulnerable parts of your home are wood that has been softened and exposed to moisture or decay. These are usually near entry points to your home like foundations, vents, cracks, openings, windows, pipes and electrical wiring. It’s pretty tough to miss when you have an advanced carpenter ant infestation. Signs include clearly visible burrows and nests, piles of wood shavings, hollow wood sounds and, creepily enough, the faint rustling of busy ant exoskeletons working inside your walls.

So it’s really a no-brainer. If you notice even one of these signs, hesitation is your enemy. The longer the ants have to entrench themselves in the structure of your home, the harder they will be to exterminate.

They don’t call him Richie the Bug Man for nothing! He can rid your home of any pest infestation guaranteed! Call today—our operators are standing by!

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