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Common Warning Signs of Ant Infestation in Boston

ant infestation in boston
March 21, 2016

Spring is here, and that means you need to be on the lookout for signs of ant infestation in Boston!

Am I Dealing With an Ant Infestation in My Boston Home?

They’re not as scary as spiders or as disgusting as cockroaches, but ants can be a real pain in your living space! Think about it: they’re fast, they’re smart, they’re organized—and there are thousands and thousands of them in a single colony. Basically, when you’re dealing with ants, you’re always going to be outnumbered.

That means you have to be smarter than them. And that starts by knowing how find out if they’re planning to invade your home. Be alert to the following signs:

  • Ant highways. Nesting ants—little black ones—aren’t likely to build a nest in your home, but they’ll definitely use your home as their supermarket. If you notice a long track of ants coming from under a door or a crack in the wall and heading to your pantry, your dog’s bowl on the floor, or the kitchen counter, then they’re looking for food and water. Ensuring all food is packed away in airtight containers and the kitchen is free of crumbs and spills often reduces their enthusiasm for your home pretty quickly.
  • Your home’s being eaten. This might sound dramatic, but it’s actually an accurate assessment of what the dreaded carpenter ant does to your home. If you see big, black or reddish-black ants in or around your home, get ready for a fight. Other signs you’re dealing with carpenter ants include the sound of them moving around behind the walls or under floors and rotted wood that has tiny holes in it or is crumbling away.

Call Boz Pest Control to Fight an Ant Infestation in Boston

Like we said earlier, if you’re dealing with ants, you’re outnumbered and you have to be smarter. The smartest thing you can do is call Boz Pest Control to get your home pest-free again. Call us today to find out how we can help you get rid of any ant infestation in your Boston home!

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